Tronrud Engineering snuser på Ørland

In August, a delegation from Ørland municipality and Fosen Innovasjon AS visited Tronrud Engineering at Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park. The objective was to discuss a possible business engagements for Tronrud Engineering at Ørland.
In september, Tronrud Engineering was invited on a return visit to Ørland Municipality, the Main Air Station  and Fosen Tools AS, to get a better knowledge of the region and look into future business possibilities. If the circumstances are right, Tronrud wants to set up a facility at Ørland.

The picture shows Espen Amundsen and Ola Tronrud from Tronrud Engineering meeting up with Arne Frode Pettersen at Fosen Tools AS.

The visit was arranged by Mayor Tom Myrvoll, Arne Martin Solli and Erling Eriksen.

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