We support small and medium-sized enterprises and large, well-established companies, as well as sole proprietorships, startups, and scaleups, in realizing ideas, overcoming challenges, and achieving market potential. Our underlying philosophy is to build value for our company, customers, and the society around us.

Our services are tailored to each case and adjusted for businesses and projects at every development phase.


  • Strategy and business development
  • Idea development
  • Project development
  • Applications for project funding and investments
  • Project management and coordination
  • Contact and connection to clusters and networks
  • Mediation and connection to R&D environments and students
  • Business establishment training
  • Organizational development
  • Efficiency and streamlining
  • Mapping and analysis 
  • Communications
  • Business scale-up and growth
  • Merger, spin-outs
  • Organizational structure


Idea development, project design, financing, project management – we contribute to all phases of project development.

Many businesses are unaware of the significant potential of working systematically with project development.

We assist with developing projects aimed at technology innovation, streamlining, funding, reorganization, commercialization, access to markets, and much more. We work with business-internal projects and project collaborations with other businesses and research environments.

Project development and implementation should be a natural part of all companies’ operations!


Norwegian businesses notice increasing global competition. Should you let chance rule or take action yourself to strengthen your position?

Competitive businesses continuously assess their position in the market and take measures if needed. Efforts for internationalization can be many things, for example:

  • Development of an internationalization strategy
  • Development of international marketing apparatus
  • Targeted international profiling
  • Follow international market trends
  • Cooperation with global professional communities
  • Acquisition of international expertise
  • Carry out analyzes of international competition
  • Study excursions and customer visits
  • Hosting international delegations

Do you have international ambitions? Contact us to learn how we can assist you.


We assist businesses in finding the right expertise and knowledge for their development projects, and we help with applications for public funding.

Knowledge brokering promotes research and development at businesses that can benefit from closer cooperation with R&D environments.

We assist in mapping research potential, concretizing cases, and locating relevant research resources. As knowledge brokers, we also write applications for public funding and give guidance on the projects’ start-up, implementation, and continuation.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can assist you.


Reach out with your message! We can help you with everything from creative branding processes and concept presentations to content production with text, photos, video, and 3D visualizations.

  • Content production
  • Success stories and articles
  • Press releases and op-eds
  • Text production
  • Photo/video production
  • Drone photo/video
  • Communications advisory
  • Branding and digital visibility
  • Strategy and development
  • Internal communications
  • Media training

Through our experienced partners, we also assist with web development.


Funding is essential for business development, and there are several funding options depending on what your goals and ambitions are.

We have a broad overview of relevant public funding agencies and instrument apparatus – nationally and globally. We assist you in finding the right funding solution for your business.

We operate in an extensive network of investors, potential pilot customers, and other sources of capital with whom we can connect your business.


A student thesis or assignment can give your business valuable knowledge and insight that can help develop your business.

We collaborate with several research institutes, academic institutions, and faculties, such as NTNU and SINTEF, to give our customers access to world-leading professional expertise.

A student assignment usually addresses specific challenges and problems businesses have. However, student assignments often produce broader knowledge and insight that helps companies develop in other areas as well.

Most businesses that have collaborated with students wish to do so again. We assist in connecting students from relevant fields of study with companies and are happy to help you define student assignments that produce the knowledge you need.