Industry clusters and business networks

We are one of Norway’s leading developers of industry clusters and business networks. We manage and facilitate NCE Aquatech Cluster, RENERGY, Ocean Autonomy Cluster, and MIDSEC.

For many companies, participating in industry clusters and business networks is a natural part of their overall strategy. Clusters and networks are valuable arenas to meet potential customers and partners, get an overview of the competition, and become familiar with the latest developments within the market. Acting together, companies stand stronger when raising challenges on behalf of the industry or influencing politicians on future business policies.

Our clusters and networks consist of companies willing to go the extra mile to achieve development and growth within their industry and market. Do you work in such a company? Feel free to contact us for more information!

nce aquatech cluster klyngen


With over 100 partners, the NCE Aquatech Cluster is one of the world’s largest aquaculture clusters. Over 80 % of the cluster partners are suppliers in the aquaculture industry. A number of leading manufacturers, R&D institutions, and research environments are central participants.

With over 100 partners, the NCE Aquatech Cluster is one of the world’s largest aquaculture clusters. Over 80 % of the cluster partners are suppliers in the aquaculture industry. A number of leading manufacturers, R&D institutions, and research environments are central participants.

In 2016, the cluster was recognized as a Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE), a project in the Norwegian Innovation Cluster Programme. NCE Aquatech Cluster works for increased value generation in the Norwegian aquaculture supplier industry through:

  • Developing and delivering technology for sustainable growth within global sea-based food production
  • Strengthening the aquaculture supplier industry to become one of Norway’s leading export industries
  • Enabling a sustainable quadrupling of Norwegian aquaculture production by 2050

The cluster is led by BDO and FI in collaboration, with Kristian Henriksen (BDO) as leader and Bjørn Damhaug (FI) as deputy leader.

fornybarklyngen klynger


RENERGY – Renewable Energy Cluster works for innovative solutions and future business models based on renewable energy and green technologies.

RENERGY contributes to sustainable value generation by promoting innovation, increasing renewable power production, and implementing zero-emissions solutions and related technologies. The cluster facilitates business cooperation to develop knowledge, insight, solutions, and business models based on renewable energy and zero-emission.

RENERGY is an arena for collaboration that increases the industry’s overall development capacity and demonstrates new solutions. The cluster members represent a leading environment for business development within the renewable sector.

The cluster has about 100 participants from the entire value chain for renewable energy and associated technologies.

FI leads RENERGY by cluster manager Thomas Bjørdal.

Ocean Autonomy Cluster

The Ocean Autonomy Cluster aims to strengthen Norway’s global leadership role in developing and commercializing future autonomous ocean space solutions.

The ocean autonomy environment in central Norway is world-leading and has given life to numerous innovative companies, research projects, and the international commercialization of autonomous solutions. The cluster brings together different businesses and organizations to strengthen the business opportunities within ocean autonomy – below, on, and above the water surface.

In 2016, the Trondheimsfjord became the world’s first test site for autonomous ships. Increased attention to operating costs, high precision, stricter environmental requirements, and growing interest in the technology has actualized the possibilities of automation at sea. The cluster facilitates the transition from conventional solutions to more sustainable, safer, and profitable autonomous solutions.

The Ocean Autonomy Cluster is an Arena cluster in the Norwegian Innovation Clusters Programme, run by Siva, Innovation Norway, and the Norwegian Research Council.

FI leads the cluster by cluster manager Frode Halvorsen.

Agritech Cluster

Agritech Cluster is a technology-oriented agricultural cluster based in central Norway. The cluster contributes to developing and applying new agrarian technology and sustainable solutions in the agricultural value chain.

The cluster’s goal is a more profitable, sustainable, and climate-adapted agricultural production that strengthens the competitiveness of the Norwegian food and agriculture sector, contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and lays the foundation for new, green value generation in Norway.

The cluster

  • promotes the development of new technology, products, and solutions for increased precision in agricultural production
  • exploits the value chain potential in the cluster for collaborative projects for resource utilization, sustainability labeling, and operational optimization
  • establishes itself as Norway’s foremost arena for technological innovation in the agricultural value chain
  • strengthens the attractiveness and position of agriculture in Norway and internationally

Agritech Cluster is led by Oi! Trøndersk Mat og Drikke AS. Åslaug Hennissen is the cluster leader. FI is part of the cluster team.

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MIDSEC, the Mid-Norway Defense and Security Cluster, develops world-leading solutions for a safer society.

MIDSEC has about 35 cluster members and several associated collaboration partners and professional environments. The cluster works with industrial deliveries, competence development, and collaborative projects within autonomy, maintenance, monitoring systems, international industrial collaboration, and more.

The cluster’s scope is the national and international defense industry market and private businesses that seek solutions for increased security and preparedness.

The cluster members supply, among others, technology, products, and services for both civilian enterprises and the armed forces. The deliveries include ground-breaking solutions for the security of the environment, objects, and areas at sea and on land. Some examples are autonomous systems, artificial intelligence (AI), physical security, electronics, maintenance systems, machining and mechanics, cyber security, logistics, and more.

MIDSEC is based in Mid-Norway and has a national and international area of operations. The cluster is led by FI and supported by Trøndelag County and Innovation Norway.