We focus on technology and industry

FI – Future Innovations (Fremtidens Industri AS) is one of central Norway’s leading innovation companies. We contribute to the growth and sustainable development of existing and new businesses based on our broad industry-based expertise. Our aim is for our customers to develop in line with global market needs and use the opportunities that new technologies provide.

We assist in all parts of business development. We help develop large and small projects. Connect companies to our extensive network of business clusters, research institutions, education organizations, and policy apparatus. We also collaborate with schools, municipalities, associations, and organizations to make different parts of society more business-friendly.


Since its establishment in 2004, FI has developed into a leading innovation company in the region.

The high-tech industry in Leksvik has contributed to the expertise and broad industry knowledge we have today. It has allowed us to grow, develop and manage large national industrial projects.

Collaboration with outstanding businesses, internationally recognized R&D environments, industry organizations, and business networks allow us to offer valuable knowledge, essential partners, and new market opportunities to our customers.

Our dedicated advisors have extensive experience in many industries and specializations and do their best to ensure that our customers become more competitive in demanding markets.

We help develop the industries of the future. 


Society is rapidly changing. Global affairs affect local development, and local initiatives go global at the touch of a button. Technology trends, climate change, population growth, environmental awareness, and the need for better sustainability are just a few factors affecting business development.

We at FI will develop alongside our customers as we simultaneously adapt to a constantly changing innovation landscape.

Our goal is nevertheless the same: We want to offer our customers what they need when they need it.